Negator ‘Gates To The Pantheon’ stream and competition

By on 19 April 2013

negator - gates to the pantheon

Negator are streaming their new album ‘Gates To The Pantheon’ exclusively on

The latest effort from the five piece German black metallers, fronted by Dark Funeral vocalist Nachtgarm, is out now via Viva Hate but you can stream it right here in full.

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To top it off, we’re also giving away one of the handmade boxset versions of ‘Gates To The Pantheon’, these are limited to 500 copies and contain: a handmade and stamped box, a massive earthenware slab, an extensive lyric sheet, alternate CD artwork, a bonus cover of Belphegor’s ʻNecrodaemon Terrorsatanʼ and a Negator t-shirt.


negator - bundle

negator shirt

To enter, just email the correct answer to the following question to and the lucky winner gets the Negator bundle shown above:

Which German city do Negator call home?

a) Hamburg
b) Berlin
c) Munich

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