Murmur Premiere New Song ‘Zeta II Reticuli’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 8 January 2014


Chicago’s avant-garde black metal alchemists Murmur have just unveiled a brand new song entitled ‘Zeta II Reticuli’ from their highly anticipated new album, and you can hear it right here, exclusively with Terrorizer…

After making a splash in the extreme metal community with their bizarre 2010 debut ‘Mainlining The Lugubrious’, Murmur quickly established themselves as a band to keep an eye on with their eclectic, daring approach to black metal. A split with fellow black metal visionaries Nachtmystium followed the year after, but then things fell worryingly quiet. Well, until now that is…

Murmur have recently put the finishing touches to their new self-titled album, which is due to be released next week. Containing 8 adventurous new tracks and a King Crimson cover, ‘Murmur’ finds the band drawing more from their noise rock and experimental jazz influences, and could well blow their debut out of their water.

‘Zeta II Reticuli’ is a typically surreal cut from the band, coming across like some kind of strange audio collage comprised of various bits of Blut Aus Nord, the Caspar Br√∂tzmann Massaker and early Mastodon. That might sound like it wouldn’t work at all, but Murmur make it sound awesome. Hit play below and see for yourself…

‘Murmur’ is due to be released on January 17th via Season Of Mist.

You can find Murmur on Facebook.

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