Minsk’s ‘The Crash & The Draw’: Exclusive Review & Full Album Stream

By on 1 April 2015


Minsk’s highly anticipated fourth album ‘The Crash & The Draw’ is released next week, but you can check out our review right here, right now; oh, and you can also stream the album in full here too and make up your own mind…

‘The Crash & The Draw’

Post-metal’s detractors often base their critique on the notions that ‘the songs don’t go anywhere’, or ‘it’s just not heavy enough’. Thankfully bands like Minsk exist to prove such naysayers unequivocally, definitively misguided, with their forth offering ‘The Crash & The Draw’ possessing both focused, climactic song-writing and crushing substance aplenty. Despite significant lineup changes Minsk have retained their core sound, with the gloomy, morose atmospheres, accentuated through founding member Tim Mead’s work on the keyboards, lending an ethereal, hypnotic backdrop to the crunching guitar tone and the tortured, dual-vocal howls. Minsk’s talent lies in their ability to combine textured, introspective atmospherics with powerfully oppressive heaviness, and they demonstrate this skill on four-part epic ‘Onward Procession’; a journey that highlights the band’s inspiring and captivatingly evocative musical palette. Peppered with throaty Neurosis-esque anguish, delicately constructed melodies, and employing immersive production, ‘The Crash & The Draw’ is an exemplary display of modern post-metal, and proves to be Minsk’s most accomplished release yet.


‘The Crash & The Draw’ is out on April 6th via Relapse

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