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By on 17 September 2013
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Terrorizer is proud to present a premiere of Meek Is Murder’s brand new song ‘More Always More / Less Is More’, taken from their upcoming album ‘Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters’.

After working with producer and Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou (High On Fire, Nails) and mastering ace Alan Douches (Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan) for their 2011 debut ‘Algorithms’, the trio enlisted their help once more for this storming new record.

On the album’s peculiar name, guitarist/vocalist Mike Keller (ex-The Red Chord) explains that the record is the result of “the most trying year of my life”, involving three deaths in his family, the end of a four-year relationship, the loss of all his possessions in a fire, temporary homelessness, illness, and a critically injured dog. Says Keller:

“In a year like that, the temptation is there to become despondent and angry with the world. But you do what you can to get through the day and in the end you become a stronger dude for it. The truth was always there but I was finally able to make some sense of it all. Life is a paradox: it is cruel and beautiful and any meaning comes from within. Embrace your insignificance and make what you want, just because you want to experience the journey of making it. Everything is awesome. Nothing matters.”

‘More Always More / Less Is More’ is a fine example of the band’s trademark sound, combining hardcore energy with bizarre song structures, frantic, technical passages and riffs the size of aircraft carriers. Any of you still lamenting the loss of Botch will fall on this like a pack of hungry wolves.

Give it a listen below…

‘Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters’ is set for an October 22nd vinyl release on Threshold of Pain Records and a digital release via the band.

You can find Meek Is Murder on Facebook.

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