Lychgate Reveal New Song ‘Deus Te Videt’

By on 29 June 2015


Avant-garde black metal collective Lychgate have just revealed ‘Deus Te Videt’, another new song from their highly anticipated second album ‘An Antidote For The Glass Pill’.

The seeds of the project were sown in 2001 under the name Archaicus by The One’s Vortigern, but it wasn’t the involvement of Omega Centauri’s Tom Vallely and Esoteric’s Greg Chandler in 2012 that Lychgate would truly come into fruition. Their self-titled debut album was warmly received upon release in 2013, and fans of the album’s twisted, eerie sound have been clamouring for a follow-up.

Lychgate’s sound is hard to pin down, as you’d expect from a project featuring members of Esoteric, Omega Centauri and Macabre Omen. If you can imagine a bizarre conglomeration of all of the above with some ‘Prometheus’-era Emperor vibes and creepy organ flourishes thrown in for good measure, then you’ll be close. Or you could just hit play below, of course…

Check out ‘Deus Te Videt’ below…

‘An Antidote For The Glass Pill’ is due to be released on August 18th via Blood Music

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