Listen To Waldgeflüster’s New Album ‘Meine Fesseln’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 10 January 2014


Terrorizer is proud to present an exclusive full album stream of the new Waldgeflüster album ‘Meine Fesseln’, an earthy, atmospheric black metal tour de force.

Waldgeflüster was formed back in 2005 by a young German musician named Jan ‘Winterherz’ van Berlekom, in order to realise his own unique vision of expansive, melodic black metal. ‘Meine Fesseln’ is Waldgeflüster’s third album, and comes almost three years after their sophomore effort, ‘Femundsmarka – Eine Reise in drei Kapiteln’. It’s also arguably Winterherz’s most exquisitely crafted outing so far, taking the listener on quite a journey over the course of it’s hour long running time.

Waldgeflüster’s rich, organic sound manages to come across as passionate and emotive without ever missing the mark and descending into schmaltzy melodrama, and exudes a warm, heartfelt atmosphere that’ll have you reaching for that play button again and again. At times, it’s strongly reminiscent of early Negură Bunget, or perhaps a more overtly melancholy Panopticon (fitting then, that ‘Meine Fesseln’ features a guest appearance from Panopticon’s Austin Lunn himself, contributing mandolin, vocals, and guitar solos to several of its tracks).

‘Meine Fesseln’ is released today, but you can listen to the entire thing below…

‘Meine Fesseln’ is available now from Bindrune Recordings.

You can find Waldgeflüster on Facebook.

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