Listen To Twinesuns’ ‘The Leaving’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 25 April 2014


The experimental/drone Swiss outfit Twinesuns are just about to release their bleak yet wonderful debut ‘The Leaving’, and you can hear the entire thing right here, exclusively with Terrorizer…

Twinesuns is a band formed by C. from Germany‘s NVRVD and Thor Ohe (ex- Kinsai, DNAmplified). The idea was to play heavy music, without getting other people involved and keeping the DIY spirit in mind. With two guitars and a ton of different amplifiers, cabinets and pedals, the music developed rapidly into drone/doom/ambient/metal. The key point in this evolution was the absence of drums, and of course, the influence from bands like
Sunn O))), Earth, Sleep, Khanate, KTL, Goodspeed You Black Emperor, Eagle Twin and Casper Brötzmann.

C. had this to say about the record…

“The idea behind ‘The Leavin’, or more essentially in the foundation of Twinesuns, was to create music that basically allows to be everything that both of us – as a band like. We wanted to break free from all these rules that dominate today’s heavy music. Why is there a need of rhythm or drums? Why can’t there be mistakes on a record (since it ́s a very natural habit to make mistakes)? Does heavy music need vocals? Why do there have been different parts and always the same structures in music? Why can ́t we play the same riff for 10 minutes? We wanted to ignore all these guide lines and create something for us, something that would primarily fit our taste and understanding of music and art. Our mindset was, to record something very raw, live and authentic. This is why we recorded most of the record live at the studio in an 8 hour session. We recorded the songs with a straight focus on the vibe and atmosphere of the takes – less thinking about things like mistakes or flaws.”

Check it out below…

‘The Leaving’ is due to be released on April 30th via Hummus Records, and is available for pre-order here.

You can find Twinesuns on Facebook.

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