Listen To Treedeon’s New Song ‘Blankapitation’

By on 12 February 2015


German sludge trio Treedeon have joined forces with Terrorizer to premiere their brand new song, ‘Blankapitation’, which you can hear right here…

After blowing audiences away at Roadburn (which, if you can believe it, was only their second ever show), Treedeon are finally ready to unleash their debut album this March, a hulking great monster known as ‘Lowest Level Reincarnation’. The band recorded the album at Studio Wong in Berlin throughout November 2014, and, in the words of the Treedeon members themselves…

Arne Heesch (vocals, guitar):

Music always was some kind of therapy for me. To use the passion to get rid of things that drag you down. Playing in a band where this is possible is a gift.

Christian “Boomer” Böhm (drums):

Definitely the most powerful album I’ve ever been part of. We combined aggression and melody, had a great time writing and recording these songs. I can’t wait to play them live, which is exhausting, but very satisfying.

Yvonne Ducksworth (vocals, bass):

Had I known what I was getting myself into with this singing & bass playing at the same time thing, I may have reconsidered….. Now it’s just too late, cause I’m having way too much fun with it…. I get to be twice as loud. Finally

Check out ‘Blankapitation’ below…

‘Lowest Level Reincarnation’ is due to be released on Exile On Mainstream on March 9th

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