Listen To Fuck The Facts’ New Song ‘The Path Of Most Resistance’

By on 7 July 2015


Canadian grinders Fuck The Facts have teamed up with Terrorizer for an exclusive premiere of their new song ‘The Path Of Most Resistance’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Desire Will Rot’. We also caught up with guitarist Topon Das to discuss the band’s new-found independence and the challenges of parenthood…

“It’s just business as usual,” comes the refreshingly hyperbole-free response when Terrorizer asks Fuck The Facts’ founding guitarist Topon Das about the band’s tenth full-length (and first to be released through the band’s own Noise Salvation label), ‘Desire Will Rot’. For once though, a bit of the old ‘it’s our best ever!’ rhetoric could be justified here, as the album stands as arguably the most well-rounded, cohesive and rewarding in the band’s fifteen year career.

“The writing process on this one was pretty much the same approach we’ve had for the last few,” says Topon. “Probably the main difference we had compared to [2011’s] ‘Die Miserable’ is the recording. The way we went into it this time was a lot more relaxed. We really almost fuckin’ killed ourselves trying to make ‘Die Miserable’ sound as perfect as possible, and this time we just went in and recorded stuff the best we could, and just went with that, and didn’t try to make it fake in any sort of way.”

The luxury of being able to record in the band’s own Apartment 2 studio is both a blessing and curse, it seems.

“It’s awesome to record there because it’s our own space and we have all the time in the world, but on the other side of that, it sucks, because we have all the time in the world and it’s easy to get carried away with that,” he laughs. “We actually recorded this album back in December 2012 and it just sat on a hard drive forever because we didn’t have the time to get around to completing it!”

Which is fair enough really; as if having the album to contend with alongside the killer EPs the last few years have yielded (2013’s ‘Amer’ and 2014’s ‘Abandoned’ respectively) wasn’t enough, an additional cog had been thrown into the works in the guise of parenthood.

“I don’t know how much that’s affected my writing style,” Topon muses, when asked if having a daughter has affected more than just time keeping. “[It’s] more just getting older. I started Fuck The Facts so long ago that it really is me, at a certain period of my life. Topon Das at early to mid twenties is Fuck The Facts, and doing it now, at my age, or all these years later, it’s really like I’m kind of channelling myself from all those years ago because I’m definitely not the same person that I was at that point. It doesn’t mean that I like the music any less, I definitely love the music that we create and I especially love creating it with the people in my band, but if I was to go out now and start a band, it probably would not be a grindcore band called Fuck The Facts, you know? It would be something completely different. It’s weird that I’m kind of grabbing this younger me and doing it, yet I’m this older person with a family and a house, and a business and all these things.

“But having my daughter around hasn’t really changed much,” he continues. “I still listen to the same music around the house – I actually just went and played this solo noise performance show a couple of days ago, and we brought her along, made it a family trip and she watched me play. She hasn’t seen a Fuck The Facts show yet, but we’ll bring her to these sort of things, so she’s really involved, she knows what we do. It’s been an extremely positive thing in my life having her, I think outside of music she’s put so many things into perspective, and a lot of things I used to worry about a lot, I just don’t even really care about any more.”

Whilst this new perspective may not have directly influenced the album’s musical direction, it has certainly seeped into its lyrical themes.

“Mel [Mongeon, vocals] does all the lyrics, and Marc [Bourgon, bass/backing vocals] has actually started adding a lot more as well, so those guys have a handle on the lyrics but when it comes to naming the album it always on my shoulders. I know what the lyrics are, I always try to find a theme that kind of touches me,” Topon explains. “When I thought of ‘Desire Will Rot’, which actually is a lyric on the Fuck The Fucks/Fistfuck split, it just grabbed me and how I feel. When I was in my early twenties and doing this it felt like nothing could stop me, and no matter what, we’re gonna go and play shows, anywhere and everywhere, and do this forever, and here I am now – I’m gonna be 40 years old soon, and I don’t really have that same twenty year old passion that I did back then. I was talking about it with Mel, the first song is called ‘Everywhere Yet Nowhere’, and that just talked to me about our early days of touring when we were on the road as much as possible, and it felt like we were hitting a wall. We were playing everywhere we could but we were just coming home poorer and unhappier than before, and I think going through all that brought on this realisation that if we were gonna keep doing this band, we were gonna have to change things. So as much as I love doing the band, and as much as it’s very important to me still, it’s not the most important thing in my life anymore, as it was for the first ten years. Here we are on this trip, and after a while, you just give up in a way. It seems very negative to say ‘we gave up’, but if we hadn’t have given up a bit we would have destroyed ourselves, and destroyed our lives outside of music.”

‘Desire Will Rot’ is due to be released on August 25th via Noise Salvation

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