Listen To Skullhog’s New Song ‘Bloodsoaked Zombie Torment’

By on 30 June 2016


Ahead of their appearance at Obscene Extreme Festival in just under a fortnight, devastating Dutch death/doom dealers Skullhog have just announced a 12″ split picture disc with Violation Wound (featuring Christ Reifert of Autopsy fame), and you can hear their new song ‘Bloodsoaked Zombie Torment’ right here, exclusively with Terrorizer…

As anyone who’s ever mistakenly spun ‘Reek Of Putrefaction’ at 33RPM will testify, grind can sound pretty gnarly indeed at slower tempos. It’s a fact that Dutch filth mongers Skullhog are more than aware of; evolving out of the ashes of goregrind outfit Bile, the trio slowed their grotesque sound to a pace more in line with Autopsy’s ‘Mental Funeral’ than grind’s default lightspeed setting, and the results are, quite frankly, crushing.

It makes total sense, then, for them to team up with Chris Reifert’s new band Violation Wound for their next split release (following previous splits with Regurgitate and Coffins), a 12″ picture disc on Fat Ass Records. Terrorizer is proud to bring you an exclusive taste of new song ‘Bloodsoaked Zombie Torment’ below, and you can see what drummer Rob Nabbe has to say about the release below…

This is a perfect match of bands for a split. How did you guys get in touch with Violation Wound?
“Yeah man, worst of both worlds, so to speak. I’ve gotten in contact with Chris through Dopi (Machetazo/Bodybag) and we’ve been mailing or chitty chatting over the phone for about four years now. We enjoy each others music and a few years ago, Chris asked us to do a split. I’ve been doing artwork for a bunch of Violation Wound record sleeves as well, so I was already into what they do as a band.”

What can you tell us about your side of the split? Have you heard what VW have in store yet too?
“Our side is another tribute to a horror classic like all our other releases. This time we pay tribute to ‘The Beyond’ and I’m pretty stoked about it. Musically we continue where ‘The Evil Dead’ ended, which is crawling death/doom in it’s most primitive form. I haven’t heard the Violation Wound stuff yet, but be prepared for more of their trademark bourbon-soaked HC/Scumpunk debauchery. Kinda like Abscess playing pure punk, obviously.”

Are you looking forward to playing some of this stuff at Obscene Extreme? Who else are you gonna check out whilst there?
Sure, the last time we played the fest was back in 2003 when we were still playing under the name Bile. A lot has changed musicwise since than, so I’m curious how our stuff will go down over there. All I can say is it’s about time to crush some more tutu wearing hippie wimps. I’m mostly looking forward to hanging out with friends old and new and partying ’til puke. Which ain’t gonna be a problem at all.”

If we’re not mistaken, this is your first release since 2012 too – does these mean things are stirring in the Skullhog camp? Any chance of a new full-length at any point?
“Well, we’ve contributed a new song (a tribute to ‘The Thing’ called ‘Smouldering Abnormality’) to the ‘Invocation Of Obscene Gods’ compilation about a year ago. But yeah, that was basically all we did release-wise after ‘The Evil Dead’ album. We played Chimpyfest in 2014 and had a bunch of unfortunate health issues that slowed the band down a lot. I’m stoked that this split will finally rear it’s ugly head after a delay of two years. After this release, we’re gonna be working on a new full length for Bones Brigade records. Make no mistake… Only the Hog is real!!

The Skullhog / Violation Wound split is released later this month via Fat Ass Records

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