Listen To Skelethal’s ‘Death Returns’ With Terrorizer

By on 8 April 2014


Filthy French death metal duo Skelethal have just released the new EP ‘Deathmanicvs Revelation’, and you can hear a crushing new song from it entitled ‘Death Returns’ right here with Terrorizer…

Despite forming just two years ago, this gruesome two piece have already caused quite a splash in the death metal underground with their gleefully rancid sound and stern, old school sensibility. After releasing a split with Swedish lunatics Inisans at the beginning of this year, the pair have finally released their debut EP, the wonderfully evil sounding ‘Deathmanicvs Revelation’, and it’s an absolute corker.

‘Death Returns’ is one of the EP’s juiciest cuts, and Terrorizer is proud to present a stream of the song below…

‘Deathmanicvs Revelation’ is available now via Iron Bonehead Productions.


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