Listen to new track by Necrowretch ‘Sprawl of Sin’

By on 18 January 2017

The track ‘Sprawl of Sin’ is taken from the new Necrowretch album ‘Satanic Slavery’, out 14 April on Season of Mist. You can buy ‘Satanic Slavery’ here.

Guitarist and singer Vlad states on behalf of Necrowretch:

“After almost a year of incubation in the depths of hell, we are proud to introduce you to our third album ‘Satanic Slavery’ though its opening song ‘Sprawl of Sin’. The song speaks about the Devil’s many ways of corruption and those who carry his message to us through the Tredeciman Antiprophecies. With ‘Satanic Slavery’ we are perfecting our gruesome vision of death metal: evil lyrics supported by deadly blast-beats, corrosive guitar riffs, impious bass lines, and those toxic vocals that have turned Necrowretch into the beast, which you know today. Satanas’ Sprawl!”

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