Listen To Nadir’s Self-Titled Debut In Full

By on 6 March 2014


Psychedelic doom quartet Nadir (featuring members of Bismuth, Moloch and Dead In The Woods) have recently put the finishing touches to their mind expanding debut album, and you can hear the entire thing right here…

Nadir was formed out of the ashes of Nottingham’s premier psych-doom outfit Dead In The Woods, who used to refer to their expansive, crusty wall of sound as ‘His Hero Is Hawkwind’, which, frankly, should tell you all you need to know. The band would unfortunately call it a day shortly after releasing their crushing debut album ‘The Sign Of The Son Of Man’ in 2012, but thankfully, most of the band have regrouped (alongside Bismuth / Megalodoom’s Tanya Byrne on bass) as Nadir, and have just unveiled an absolute monster of a record.

The self-titled album features three tracks that were previously heard on the band’s 2012 rehearsal demo alongside two brand new ones; the eerie, Ramesses-esque ‘Time Of The Wolf’ and the astonishingly heavy ‘Antenna Collapse’. The record unfolds with a potent, hallucinogenic intensity, as its cavernous doom riffs are augmented by sweeping theremin wails and enigmatic vocals courtesy of Jeremie Cauchois, ranging from gruff bellows to chilling wails that are oddly reminiscent of ‘Into The Pandemonium’ era Tom G. Warrior.

‘Nadir’ is soon to be released as a limited run of 100 cassettes, and you can also purchase a digital copy of the album for a mere £3 via Nadir’s Bandcamp page. If you have any interest in doom, sludge and psychedelic music whatsoever, this album comes highly recommended, so kick back, relax, and lose yourself in the heady atmosphere of ‘Nadir’ below…

‘Nadir’ is available now via Viral Age Records.

You can find Nadir on Facebook.

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