Listen To Master’s New Album In Its Entirety

By on 19 September 2013


Terrorizer is proud to present a stream of death metal legends Master’s new album, ‘The Witchhunt’, in its entirety.

Formed in Chicago in 1983, Master are true death metal pioneers. Their influence on the genre as a whole is not to be underestimated, and unlike many of their contemporaries, the band is still going strong today.

‘The Witchhunt’ is Master’s eleventh full-length, and finds the trio sounding just as furious and vital as ever before. As any true death metal fiend knows, hearing Paul Speckmann’s distinct, sneering growl bellowing over the top of those rumbling, vintage riffs and pounding, punk infused drum beats is one of life’s pleasures that you can never have too much of, so it’s good to hear that ‘The Witchhunt’ is full to the brim of fist pumping, soon-to-be-classic Master anthems.

‘The Witchhunt’ is due to be released on September 27th on F.D.A. Rekotz, but you can listen to the whole album right here…

You can find Master on Facebook.

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