Listen To Fistula’s New Album ‘Longing For Infection’ In Full

By on 12 July 2016


Sludge legends Fistula have teamed up with Terrorizer for an exclusive stream of their brand new full-length ‘Longing For Infection’ in its entirety.

Seeing as the “sludge” epithet is thrown around as liberally as a kipper in a fish market these days, it’s immensely satisfying to see so many of the genre’s old guard return to show all these whippersnappers the true meaning of the word. Of course, Fistula never really went away, having spent almost two full decades soundtracking all the abject misery in the world, but the band seem to have had a sudden burst of productivity in recent years, with 2014’s ‘Vermin Prolificus’ bringing them to a much wider audience.

Though their famously unstable lineup has been shuffled once again (with original member Bahb Branca returning on second guitar), ‘Longing For Infection’ thankfully loses none of that momentum. Founding guitarist Corey Bing’s distinctive riffs are sounding heavier and juicier than ever, whilst vocalist Dan Harrington (who has been a reliable constant since 2012) is in his element, spitting out venomous snarls with aplomb.

You’ll be familiar with much of this material if you were lucky enough to nab one of their ‘Destitute’ demos at Roadburn last year, with several songs like the gruesome ‘Morgue Attendant’ and, of course, the devastating drop-out anthem that is ‘Destitute’ itself returning here, albeit in even tighter, beefier form, alongside a rerecording of their classic ‘Smoke Acid, Shoot Pills’. Rather than feeling like a bunch of odds and ends, however, ‘Longing For Infection’ flows remarkably well as an album, and the all-new songs here are crushing, with ‘Loyal To The Foil’s rancid, dopesick groove, ‘Too Many Devils And Drugs’ rambunctious ’80s hardcore streak and the strung out yet bizarrely catchy ‘Detox’ proving once again that when it comes to sludge, Fistula have got it covered.

Here’s what the band themselves had to say about the album:

“‘Longing For Infection’ paints a portrait of our mental state… Having to reform after a major lineup shift, most bands would say ‘fuck it’ and give up, but we are slightly more masochistic then that. We channelled our frustrations, our anger, despair, disgust and returned to the riff, our hardcore punk and doom roots and pressed RECORD – ‘Longing For Infection’ is the result, another sonic creation documenting our distain for humanity. ‘Longing For Infection’ is just the beginning, we’re just getting started… another album has already been recorded. Feelings will be hurt, expectations will be destroyed.”

Check it out below…

‘Longing For Infection’ is released this Friday through PATAC

You can find Fistula on Facebook

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