Listen To Crimson Throne’s New Song ‘Praetorian March’

By on 8 March 2017

Crimson Throne are a new UK band putting their own distinctive spin on the classic mid-’90s Norwegian black metal sound – check out their new song ‘Praetorian March’ exclusively with Terrorizer…

‘Praetorian March’ covers a lot of ground in seven minutes, ranging from icy Dissection-esque melodies to brash Immortal stomp, topped off with some eerie early Gorgoroth style rasps. It’s taken from the band’s upcoming self-titled debut tape, which isn’t released until next week (via Apocalyptic Witchcraft and Secret Law in the UK and Red River Family in the US), but you can listen to ‘Praetorian March’ right here, right now….

‘Crimson Throne’ is due to be released on March 17th on limited cassette via Apocalyptic Witchcraft, Secret Law and Red River Family

You can find Crimson Throne on Facebook

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