Lake Of Blood Stream New Album ‘Omnipotens Tyrannus’ In Full

By on 27 November 2013


Atmospheric black metal quintet Lake Of Blood are streaming their new album ‘Omnipotens Tyrannus’ in its entirety, and you can hear it all right here…

After dropping their intense debut EP ‘Heed The Primal Calling’ in 2008, Lake Of Blood sent shock waves through the American black metal underground with their split with Kentucky’s mighty Panopticon a year later. 2011 saw the band release their debut full-length ‘As Time and Tide Erodes Stone’, a dark and tumultuous record filled to bursting point with stirring, inventive black metal.

‘Omnipotens Tyrannus’ is their second full length, and quite possibly their strongest to date. It is their first to demonstrate the full potential of the band’s current line up, which was introduced on last year’s live EP, ‘The Burial Grounds Sessions’, and finds the group’s keen understanding of dynamics and songwriting skill being honed to a razor sharp point. At no point does the record’s rich atmosphere come at the expense of Lake Of Blood’s passionate ferocity.

The album also features substantial contributions from Wrest of Leviathan/Lurker of Chalice and Scott “The Collects” Miller, former and original member of ¬†Sutekh Hexen, who contributed a variety of paranoid soundscapes that are woven in and between songs.

You can listen to ‘Omnipotens Tyrannus’ in full below…

‘Omnipotens Tyrannus’ was released November 5th through Cult of Melancholia.

You can find Lake Of Blood on Bandcamp.

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