Kremated ‘Total Warfare’ stream and track by track

By on 18 April 2013


We’re streaming ‘Total Warfare’ the new album from Kremated and we have an exclusive track by track from the band.

Formed in 2011, Kremated’s goal is to bring back the feel of mid 80’s British thrash metal and inject it with plenty of UK82 style punk. Having earned themselves a cult following in the South East of England, the foursome are also lined up to play Bloodstock 2013 on 11 August, prepare for the thrash attack!

You can stream ‘Total Warfare’ below and scroll down for a track by track of the album direct from Kremated.

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‘Total Warfare’
All out attack mode! This is an ode to the futility of modern warfare, and the sweeping judgements made by the people with their finger on the annihilation button. The verses overlap to ram the point home, and the intro is played in an unsettling time signature to increase the suspense and impending doom, before descending into volatile and relentless old-school Thrash. This is an aggressive response to an aggressive situation.

‘I’ve Had Enough’
This song is an obscure cover version, and was written by an old friend who tragically killed himself in 2003. It is dedicated to the memory of Barry Lynch from Long Cold Stare, and his own personal struggle against ignorance, oppression and depression. We took the original, turned it on its head and created a Metal interpretation that we hope he would enjoy.

Kremated - Total Warfare

What started out as a studio jam became a firm live favourite. This song is based around a brave/stupid combination of a blues riff and 100mph drums, with lyrics reflecting the disgust at the fat cats and money grabbers running things from their ivory towers. It settles nicely into a groovy but hard-hitting stomper, before descending into a full blown slow-motion breakdown, tearing the last pieces of the song into shreds while the final verse is spat out with as much hate as humanly possible.

‘Mechanised Bloodbath’
A nightmare about being Earth being attacked by blood hungry robots inspired this tune. It starts as a comfy but brutal stomper, then kicks into action with a mid paced Thrash middle section, before upping the pace and going into blastbeat territory. This tune has caused a multitude of sore necks and spilled pints at recent shows. This song is absolutely not inspired by Cybermen, no sir, never…

Another cover. Pete is a big fan of 80s legends The Varukers, and wanted to cover one of their tunes. Rather than going for an obvious fast one, we decided to cover a slower song, and found it lent itself to a Metal interpretation very well. It is simple, to the point, and again, references the stupidity of war and death in the modern world.

‘Thrash Ain’t Dead’
The track that made everyone sit up and take notice, and gained Kremated a large and devoted following in the South East, partly due to the hilarious accompanying video. This is a heartfelt and passionate anthem to the faster side of the Metal scene. Yes, it is tongue in cheek, but we really really mean it. This song inspired our all time favourite press quote: “Thrash may not be dead but Kremated are here to make bloody sure it doesn’t sound like it’s been edited for Kerrang radio.”

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