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By on 26 August 2015


Gnaw Their Tongues mastermind Mories has certainly been busy – in addition to the new GTT album that just came out, he’s also been working on a new electronic project entitled It Only Gets Worse. We caught up with vocalist Matt Finney to find out more, and are proud to present an exclusive premiere of their new song ‘Great Northern’…

Tell us a bit more about this exclusive track, a sort of presentation of it for the uninitiated.
Matt: “I think it works as a great intro to where we are with our first full length. It’s dark, it’s poppy, it’s sexy. Two of those are things I never thought I’d have associated with something I helped create so that’s pretty cool. Mories took this Kevin Gates sample and turned it into something that’ll give you chills. It’s a really personal track. I wrote it for someone that I care for a lot about who lives out in California. I’m constantly missing her and wanting to be there with her and I wanted to do something special for her. There’s references to her (her love of Twin Peaks being the most obvious one) and the distance between us. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this one and to have you guys premiering it. Thank you so much!”

Reveal us the origins of It Only Gets Worse – how did you join up with Mories, and what was the initial intention behind this project?
Matt: “It’s not really as exciting as it should be. It was back in 2011, if I’m remembering it right, and I was looking to do something a little different than what I’d been doing. I’ve been a big fan of Mories’ work for a while and the idea of it seemed weird enough to work. I thought we could do something completely unlike anything either of us was associated with and that was mainly the intention behind it. To just do something new. I shot him an email and I was shocked that I’d heard back from him at all, let alone so quickly, and we went from there. I had a bit of a nervous breakdown and kinda fell off the face of the Earth for a few years dealing with a bunch of personal stuff. I like to think since we’ve come back and restarted that I’m a better writer. I’m a worthy collaborator for someone of Mories’ abilities. This band seemed like it was supposed to happen, it all lined up perfectly, and I’m really grateful for it.”

How would you compare IOGW with your other musical activities, namely, Secret Admirer, what do you get out of it that you don’t with the others?
Matt: “I think what both of us like about IOGW is that it’s complete freedom. There’s no expectations at all for anything we do. We can pull releases out of thin air, go in a pop direction, whatever we’re feeling at that moment and keep people on their toes. With Secret Admirer, things are a lot more focused. Not that that’s a bad thing, they’re just different. That band was formed to tell a story and there were certain things we had to hit or none of it would make sense. It felt like making a movie. Both of the projects are very rewarding and push me as a writer for different reasons.”

The samples you use, especially for their unlikeliness, are quite important in your songs, it seems. How do you get to them, is it as easy as someone thinking of a rather wacky idea and then working around it?
Matt: “The samples do add to the fun more than anything. Turning something unexpected into something as gloomy as what we do and seeing people’s reactions to it is awesome. Usually they’re my wacky ideas when I start writing lyrics and Mories has been more than game to throw them in there and he’s doing an incredible job. Getting black metal/ambient/drone fans to go and check out Young Thug or Drake or Kevin Gates brings a big smile to my face.”

What usually comes first, your words or Mories’ music? Do you inspire each other?
Matt: I’ll have an entire album written out and I’ll send the lyrics over to Mories and we’ll talk about things and he’ll go from there. I like to think that we inspire each other. That’s what collabing is all about. I’m lucky to be working with a master though. I know that he’s gonna take my lyrics and do something beautiful with them so I always try to make the next thing I send to him the best thing I can do.”

What else serves as fuel for your creativity usually? Do you have to be in any sort of particular mood to write?
Matt: “It’s been movies a lot here lately. ‘Paris, Texas’ especially. Been watching that one on a loop it feels like for the past few weeks. Kinda fascinated with that one. Another favourite I keep coming back to when I want something less heavy is ‘Spring Breakers’. And there’s always my family, my friends, the usual terrible day to day stuff. I don’t write everything down the way I used to. I’ve gotten to where I’ll work on lyrics or pieces of them all day in my head. Writing them down only if I’m sure I’ll forget them and I’ll hammer them out until I’m happy with them later. Mostly they just kinda spill out but sometimes you gotta work for them.”

Have you given any thought to the eventual possibility of playing live?
Matt: “I’d love to do that! It’d be a lot of fun. Getting to meet Maurice, have some beers and completely bum everyone out in the process. Sounds like a blast. So yeah… if anyone needs any wedding/bar mitzvah entertainment get at us.”

How does the future of IOGW look from here, will it be a prolific project you think? Many albums and other releases to come?
Matt: “The future is looking bright and very prolific. I have a few things in mind already for IOGW and I’m excited to write them and talk them out with Maurice and to get to work. Our first full length, ‘Christian Country Home’, is coming on cassette very soon. We’re both anxious as hell for everyone to finally hear it.”

Interview: José Carlos Santos

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