Iron Reagan Release New EP ‘Spoiled Identity’ As Free Download

By on 2 April 2014


Raging crossover supergroup Iron Reagan have just released a brand new digital EP entitled ‘Spoiled Identity’, and you can download it for free right here!

Iron Reagan was formed in 2012 when Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste), LandPhil Hall (Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse), Ryan Parrish (ex-Darkest Hour), Mark Bronzino (Mammoth Grinder, ANS) and Rob Skotis (Hellbear) got together to indulge their love of furious, thrashy hardcore punk and their hatred of a certain US president.

The band put out their debut album ‘Worse Than Dead’ on the ever reliable A389 Recordings earlier this year, featuring 19 tracks of acerbic, high-octane crossover madness, and are currently working on a new record for Relapse Records. Whilst Foresta’s distinctive vocals are sure to garner comparisons to the Waste, Iron Reagan’s sound sits more on the punkier side of the spectrum than his ‘other’ band ever did. The spirit of ’80s American hardcore is strong in this one!

The ‘Spoiled Identity’ EP is easily the band’s fastest release so far, racing through 13 tracks in less than 5 minutes. Brace yourselves, then head over to Iron Reagan’s Bandcamp page to download the album for free, or stream it in full below…

You can find Iron Reagan on Facebook.

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