Inter Arma ‘Sky Burial’ review and stream

By on 25 March 2013

Inter Arma’s new album ‘Sky Burial’ received full marks from Kevin Stewart-Panko in Terrorizer #234, you can read what Kevin thinks of the new record and you can listen to the whole album in full.

Inter Arma sky burial_420x470
Having issued previous releases on labels like Forcefield and Toxic Assets, Inter Arma’s exposure has been thusly limited to select pockets of underground fans. That s all about to change. Signing to Relapse will always help anyone. Signing to Relapse and saying hello to the broader world with the colossal sledgehammer that is ‘Sky Burial’ should ensure copious neck-snapping double takes. These Richmond natives transform sludge from being a one-trick, molasses-paced pony into a dynamic, multi-pronged peal of acrimony, brutality, nuance and structure. If you’ve ever wondered what Neurosis might sound like after a time machine journey with stops along the way in pre- I’ve-realised-I-need-to-quit-drinking  NOLA, ’90s Norway, various ’70s stadium rock shows and the 1930s crossroads where Robert Johnson sold his soul, then say g’day to your new favourite album.


‘Sky Burial’ is available now from Relapse.
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