Infestus Premiere New Song ‘Spiegel Der Seele’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 15 April 2014


‘The Reflecting Void’, the eerie new album from German one-man black metal outfit Infestus, is due to be released next week, but you can hear the new song ‘Spiegel Der Seele’ right now, exclusively with Terrorizer…

Infestus began life as a trio, with Andras handling bass and drums alongside guitarist Harbarth and vocalist Dagon, but by the time their third record ‘Ex Ist’ was released, Andras was the sole remaining member. Not that it’s phased him at all however, as ‘The Reflecting Void’ is perhaps the band’s most intricate and well composed offering to date. The phrase “one-man black metal” may be most readily with lo-fi, kvlt filth, but Infestus’ sound is quite different, having more in common with Blut Aus Nord or later Emperor than it does, say, Xasthur or Striborg.

Check it out the new song ‘Spiegel Der Seele’ below…

‘The Reflecting Void’ is due to be released on April 25th via Debemur Morti Productions.

You can find Infestus on Facebook.

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