Full Of Hell streaming ‘Rudiments Of Mutilation’ exclusively on Terrorizer.com

By on 23 April 2013
Full Of Hell

(Pic: Fred Pessaro)

Full Of Hell are streaming their new album ‘Rudiments Of Mutilation’, due out in May on A389, exclusively on Terrorizer.com

‘Rudiments Of Mutilation’ is the new full length from the US hardcore foursome and is a relentless 24 minute ride, if you thought the new album from Nails was brutal, that’s a walk in the park compared to this.

According to vocalist Dylan Walker, “‘Rudiments of Mutilation refers to our innate and basic need to suffer and cause suffering. On this record I was able to draw equally from the first hand experience of pain in my own life and the ugliness that is the greater human pulse.”

Speaking about the song ‘Throbbing Lung Fiber’, he adds: “It’s not metaphorical and contains no hidden meaning. It is a narrative detailing a family being burned alive. The descriptions in the lyrics about bones snapping in the heat and the smell of burning hair are about just that. No message, just meaningless pain.”

You can listen to the exclusive album stream below and you can pre-order the record right here.

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