Earthling stream ‘Dark Path’ with Terrorizer

By on 13 May 2013


Virginia quartet Earthling are streaming their latest effort ‘Dark Path’ with Terrorizer.

‘Dark Path’ is the debut full length from Earthling and is out now on CD/LP via Forcefield Recording, with 100 copies of the LP pressed on yellow/red haze vinyl. The album was recorded by Garret Morris (Windhand, Cough, Parasytic, Bastard Sapling) with mastering handled by Mikey Allred (Inter Arma, Hellbender, Across Tundras).

‘Dark Path’ is a ripping blend of crust and proto-black metal riffs that boil from a vast melting pot of extremity; their truly diverse extreme sound also brings with it the incessant need to thrash. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Check out Earthling on Facebook and pick up ‘Dark Path’ from Forcefield.

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