Downpresser stream ‘Don’t Need A Reason’ with Terrorizer

By on 22 May 2013
(Pic: Donzor Photography)

(Pic: Donzor Photography)

Californian hardcore outfit Downpresser are streaming ‘Don’t Need A Reason’ with Terrorizer.

The long awaited debut album from the US hardcore band is due 28 May via 6131 but you can stream it right here in full.

Speaking to Terrorizer about the album, Downpresser vocalist Dan Weinraub said: “‘Don’t Need A Reason’ has been a long time coming. The process of writing, re-writing, recording, and re-recording the songs on this album spanned three years, more than three lineup changes, and the greater part of the state of California. We focused our energies in an attempt to push Downpresser to the next level musically and lyrically while taking care not to deviate drastically from the sound we’ve been building for the past seven years. It goes without saying that it hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been rewarding, and I can no longer picture my life without Downpresser in it. We are thoroughly proud of ‘Don’t Need A Reason’, and we hope that it ends up meaning to someone even half as much as it means to us. Thank you.”

Check out Downpresser on Facebook and pre-order the album from 6131 here.

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