Cynic Premiere New Song ‘True Hallucination Speak’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 28 January 2014

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Progressive metal legends Cynic have teamed up with Terrorizer for an exclusive premiere of their brand new song ‘True Hallucination Speak’.

This psychedelic cut is taken from the band’s forthcoming album ‘Kindly Bent To Free Us’. The new record comes a full five years after the Floridian’s comeback record, ‘Traced In Air’, and once again features the core trio of bassist Sean Malone, drummer Sean Reinhert and guitarist/vocalist Paul Masvidal.

If this song is anything to go by, it looks like ‘Kindly Bent To Free Us’ is going to mark yet another evolution for the band, pushing their trademark sound into ever more expansive pastures.

Sein Reinert had this to say about the band’s new material:

“This album marks Cynic’s 5th release. It’s a bold new sound for Cynic and marks a gigantic leap in the band’s progression. We’ve had a lot of time to let this material develop and gestate, and it finally feels ready to be unleashed on the world. I’ve been in trio mode with [Sean] Malone and [Paul] Masvidal flushing out a zillion and one details, and couldn’t be happier about what’s happening with these songs. They are truly alive!”

So kick back, relax, and lose yourself in ‘True Hallucination Speak’ below…

‘Kindly Bent To Free Us’ is due to be released on February 14th, 2014 via Season Of Mist.

You can find Cynic on Facebook.

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