Cultura Tres streaming ‘Rezando Al Miedo’ with Terrorizer

By on 13 June 2013

Cultura Tres

Cultura Tres are streaming their new album ‘Rezando Al Miedo’ with Terrorizer

The third album from the Venezuelan sludgers is out now on Devouter but you can stream it in full right here.

As Benj Golanski wrote in Terrorizer 236:

The oddball, sludgy alt metal dredged up by Venezuela’s Cultura Tres offers a genuinely unsettling tour through the disturbed mind, the chunky riffs and Voivod channeling vocals establishing an outpost somewhere just the right side of accessibility. The tar-like, ‘Monotheist’-recalling dirges that make up a lot of their third album are agreeably dense and nasty, but when they get their Today Is The Day on in more purposeful numbers like ‘Hole In Your Head’ and the positively feral ‘1492’ things get exciting in a hurry, riding a descending spiral into guitar hell. Like Steve Austin’s legendary noise rock outfit, the sense of threat and wrongness is matched only by the slightly hysterical joy of immersing yourself in it.


Check out Cultura Tres on Facebook and order the album from Devouter here.

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