Cronian Stream New Album ‘Erathems’ In Full Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 6 November 2013


Norwegian prog-metal duo Cronian are streaming their new album ‘Erathems’ in full, exclusively with Terrorizer.

Cronian is the brainchild of two renowned musicians: Borknagar main man Øystein G. Brun and Andreas “Mr. V” Hedlund aka Vintersorg. The pair met when Andreas joined Borknagar in 2000, and they began to create music that didn’t really fit with their other bands. Øystein explains the decision to form Cronian as such:

“Musically, Cronian is the counterpart of Borknagar. Borknagar revolves around traditional riffs and organic arrangements, while Cronian starts out on huge visionary soundscapes, which we peel down to a cold, sharp and hard hitting expression. BORKNAGAR resembles a philosopher silently pondering about man and nature. Cronian is the activist with an attitude portraying the destructive rage of modern civilisation.”

After releasing their well recieved debut ‘Terra’ in 2006, the duo found their creative juices stimulated even further. It’s been a full four years since their sophomore record ‘Enterprise’, but now new album ‘Erathems’ is finally upon us, delivering even more of their distinctive, progressive metal madness.

Take a listen to ‘Erathems’ below…

‘Erathems’ is released on November 8th via Season Of Mist, and is available to pre-order here.

You can find Cronian on Facebook.

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