Coffins ‘The Fleshland’ stream and album review

By on 1 July 2013

Coffins 2013

Japanese doomy death metallers Coffins are streaming their new album ‘The Fleshland’ with Terrorizer.

The fourth album from the Tokyo quartet is due for release on 8 July via Relapse, but you can stream it in full right here and read Olivier ‘Zoltar’ Badin’s review of the album from Terrorizer 237 below.

The funny thing about Coffins is that while they’ve been somehow disregarded by the die-hard death metal crowd, they’ve nevertheless always been considered to be the dogs’ bollocks by the short-haired hardcore kids and generally, by those who usually don’t listen to that brand of metal. A slight misunderstanding that, hopefully, the recent signing to Relapse will solve. Still, it definitely has something to do with their music; their straight-forwardness and purposly monolithic aspect leads them to be considered by some as ‘too sloppy’. Coffins - The FleshlandCoffins’ uniqueness comes from the fact that, even if they’re doing it with reverence, they’re approaching the whole thing from a sludge perspective. After all, mainman Uchino did learn his chops in dot(.), didn’t he? So underneath their slow rattle and Hellhammer-like accelerations, there’s an almost punkish vibe to be found. Perhaps not on a musical level, but in spirit there’s a ‘fuck you all’ attitude here, meaning that while they’ve now added a second guitar player to their line-up, it hasn’t urged them to evolve even a little bit. Yet, as predictable as this fourth full-length will be to anybody who’s heard any of their past crimes, there’s still something desperately Neanderthalian about it. The nine tracks on ‘The Fleshland’ have a knack of crawling their collective carcass toward listeners to smear faces with their pus, making the whole thing quite fascinating in a world where the slick armies of Behemoth clones are supposed to be the norm.

Check out Coffins on Facebook and pre-order the album from Relapse here. To get the lowdown on the new album, keep an eye out for Terrorizer 238 for an interview with Coffins mainman Uchino.

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