Under The Church Reveal New Song ‘Burning’

By on 18 December 2013


Sweden’s old school death metal warriors Under The Church have released a brand new track from their highly anticipated debut EP, entitled ‘Burning’.

As any of you who caught wind of their deliciously rancid demo earlier this year will attest, when it comes to classic sounding death metal, this depraved three piece certainly know their shit. Which is not too surprising really, given the band contains two members of the legendary Nirvana 2002, an early Swedish death metal band that are often referred to in the same hushed tones that are normally reserved for acts like Nihilist or Carnage.

The trio are currently hard at work on their first EP, and if this little glimpse is anything to go by, this is going to be an essential purchase for all you jaded death metal fiends out there. ‘Burning’ is a vicious, snarling beast of a tune, complete with a gnarly Sunlight Studios-esque tone and some utterly gruesome vocals. Imagine if Chris Reifert got completely wasted, broke into Entombed’s practice space and proceeded to take the entire band on in some kind of unruly, no holds barred death metal brawl, and then hit play and marvel at how much this little rager resembles that particular mental image…

You can find Under The Church on Facebook.

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