Buzzherd Stream Debut Album ‘On Sinking Ships… Rats Drown’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 13 January 2014

Buzzherd 2

Pennsylvanian sludge mob Buzzherd have teamed up with Terrorizer to present an exclusive stream of their weighty debut album, ‘On Sinking Ships… Rats Drown.’

Buzzherd formed back in 2011 with the aim of crafting deliriously heavy punk infused sludge, and from the sounds of their first full-length they’re doing rather well indeed. Following on from their murky 2012 demo, ‘On Sinking Ships… Rats Drown’ contains 5 all new songs and a raucous cover of Black Flag’s classic ‘Six Pack’. The band’s gloriously swampy sound is in full effect here, and fans of bands like Sourvein, Bongzilla and Lord Dying will be pleased to discover a brand new soundtrack to those hazy late night bong sessions.

So crank those speakers, tune in and drop out below…

We caught up with Buzzherd to find out more about the recording and writing process for the album, and why you should always have a repertoire of Black Flag covers ready to go at any given time…

Could you tell us briefly how and when you formed Buzzherd?
“The band formed initially in late 2010 with Justin, Jason, and our first drummer Dan. Justin had posted an online ad looking for people to jam with and Jason responded. Terry joined a few months later on lead vocals, and Blake replaced our previous drummer about a year and a half ago. We shanghai-ed Bryan last summer – from a band we know all too well.”

What kind of stuff would you say has influenced Buzzherd?
Justin (Bass, Backing Vocals):  “Melvins, Vitus, Motorhead, Dale Crover, Vincent Price, the sound of dying insects, Celtic Frost, Venom, Hawkwind, Discharge, Charles Manson & Rip Taylor duets, girls that look like Peg Bundy.”

Jason (Lead Guitar): “Olde English, Slayer, Colt 45, EHG, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Gibby Haynes’ chipped tooth, early Floyd, early Soundgarden, the psychedelic experience, and the greatness of heavy metal as a whole.”

Terry (Lead Vocals): “Abbath, Sticky Fingaz, Matt Harvey, Ben Falgoust, Joni Mitchell, Guido Meyer de Voltaire.”
Blake (Drums):  “16, Sheer Terror, Quicksand, Dystopia, Team Dresch, Crowbar, Milemarker, Therapy?, Hoax, The Police, Pig Destroyer.”
Bryan (Rhythm Guitar): “Orange Goblin, weed, Animals as Leaders, Periphery, Protest the Hero.”

‘On Sinking Ships… Rats Drown’ is sounding much more confident and assured than your demo. How did the recording process for this album go?
Justin: “It was quick and relatively painless.  The ends justified the means.  So far the reaction to it has been excellent, so I guess we did a good job.”

Terry: “It went smooth like buttah.  Everyone kept getting drunk waiting for their turn to play.”

Jason: “We also tracked everything out this time, as opposed to our last outing where we did just about the whole recording live. In turn,  I think the belief we all shared in the strength of the material translated into the confidence you are detecting.”

The ‘Six Pack’ cover is rad too, why did you decide to cover that song?
Justin: “The first choice was ‘Family Man’ but it was too difficult to play. ‘Six Pack’ gets your sisters’ knickers in a knot and it has a violent, unhinged quality to it that we find endearing. We have 7 Black Flag covers ready to go at any time. Make it a case!”

Terry: “I liked ‘Six Pack’ cause we like to party. Strangely enough I’ve never finished a six pack myself, mostly because I still drink Four Loko. I’m gonna keep trying though.”

Jason: “Yeah we are considering the possibility of no longer doing original material and just being a Black Flag cover band. Seriously though, as Justin stated, it’s that unhinged quality that the song has. It makes you question whether it may very well be a good idea to roll around shirtless on some broken glass.”

What does the future have in store for Buzzherd?
Justin: “Magic powers and more Colt 45… long-lost triplets… repeat viewings of Frogs starring Sam Elliott. Oh, and a US mini-tour in February on the East Coast and further touring this summer. A video for ‘The Maloik’? New songs too.”

Jason: “Unfortunately my crystal ball is broken, but I’m picking up on some strong sensations which seem to be saying that someone is going to volunteer to pay for us to fly over and play for you fine European folk. That’s in addition to the Grammy nominations we probably won’t get for this effort as well.”

‘On Sinking Ships… Rats Drown’ is available now via Dullest Records.

You can find Buzzherd on Facebook.

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