Bone Sickness ‘Alone In The Grave’ stream and track by track

By on 17 April 2013
(Pic: Zack Kolden)

(Pic: Zack Kolden)


We’re streaming ‘Alone In The Grave’ the new album from Bone Sickness and we have an exclusive track by track from the band.

Clocking in at 18 minutes long, ‘Alone In The Grave’ is primal death metal at it’s finest, taking inspiration from the grotesque and macabre side of human life, fans of Autopsy and Repulsion take note. The album is due for release on 30 April via 20 Buck Spin and the incredible cover art was executed by Chips & Beer Mag’s in-house illustrator Hand Of Beaver.

You can stream ‘Alone In The Grave’ below and scroll down for a track by track of the album direct from Bone Sickness.

‘Submit To Decay’
‘Submit To Decay’ is about the wonderful forces of decomposition that rule the earth. It is written from the perspective of a deranged individual and explores the idea that human life is a brief and temporary struggle against these forces that will inevitably end in failure. Therefore murder, torture and crimes against humanity are not only justified but encouraged! “Mortal life cessation/ Surrender to the grave/Denounce your creation/ Submit to decay.”

‘Strange Obsession’
This song is about Dr. Carl Von Cosel and his strange obsession . He was so madly in love with his woman that in the heat of passion he ran away with her… corpse. True story. “Obsession of death/ Wishing you were still alive/ Stealing your body/ So you can be mine”

‘Paranoid Delusions’
This song is about someone who has been locked up for a heinous crime. A crime so terrible and pathetic that he is under constant threat of abuse and murder in prison. He ends up in solitary confinement where his mind is ravaged by paranoia, in the end suffering a fate much worse than death. “Day by day your thoughts erode/ Paranoid delusions grow/ sickened thoughts you can’t control/ you pray to god to save your soul”

Bone Sickness - Alone In The Grave

‘Scraping The Bones’
This one deals with the twisted thoughts running through a deranged lunatic’s mind as he strips the tendons and fat from his latest victim’s corpse. The influence came mostly from a lot of reading about hometown heroes Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway. “Vision blurs/ Tied to the bed/ Brought down the cleaver/ She lost her head”

 ‘Alone In The Grave’
The title track is about the fear of death and nothingness compounded by severe mental illness. Contemplating the finality of death can be hard for even the most stable individuals. This is the slowest song we will ever play. “Alone in the grave mummified/ Worst nightmare – scared to die/ This fate will take its toll/ To escape inconceivable”

‘Death And Dismemberment’
We have to thank Tacoma, Washington resident John Jones for this one. He was a guy that actually lived across the street from the studio where ‘Alone In The Grave’ was recorded. He was arrested and sent to prison after his mother found the dismembered corpse of his buddy stuffed into plastic trash bags inside John’s bedroom. “He should be sleeping/ Instead he dissects/ He revels in gore/ In absence of sex”

‘Tied To The Stake’
Giallo films… Gotta love those Giallo films. “Feeling the wires cut into your wrists/ You know that there is no escape/ Screaming for death as limbs fall to the floor/ You will die tied to the stake.”

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