Beneath The Storm Stream Debut ‘Temples Of Doom’ In Full With Terrorizer

By on 11 November 2013


Mysterious Slovenian funeral doom outfit Beneath The Storm are streaming their monolithic debut album ‘Temples Of Doom’ in full, exclusively with Terrorizer.

Beneath The Storm came to life last year when Igor Shimon grew tired of the death metal bands he was playing in and set out on his own to create the most punishingly slow sound he could muster. ‘Temples Of Doom’, the resulting debut full length, is something pretty extraordinary indeed, and as soon as ‘A Mournful Sigh’s crushing, lysergic tones come rumbling out of your speakers you’ll be hooked.

Songs like ‘Hunting The Storm’ and ‘The Dungeon’ push down heavily on your chest with riffs so weighty you’ll find it hard to believe it’s just a single individual kicking out this cavernous din. The overall effect is not a million miles from Germany’s funeral doom overlords Ahab, but with an eerie atmosphere and delirious psychedelic flair that would have Electric Wizard nodding their heads in approval.

So what are you waiting for? Crank up those speakers, hit play below and bask in the overwhelming heaviness of ‘Temples Of Doom’ in its entirety…

‘Temples Of Doom’ has just been reissued by Argonauta Records, as a limited edition of 300 digipak CDs.

You can find Beneath The Storm on Facebook.

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