Beaten To Death Premiere New Song Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 21 August 2013


Q: What do you get when you gather various members of Tsjuder, Grimfist, Insense and She Said Destroy together and ask them to play bewildering, strangely melodic and blisteringly fast grindcore? A: The unbridled lunacy of Beaten To Death, of course!

After the band’s baffling debut ‘Xes And Strokes’ in 2011, the band have reconvened to record the even more furiously eccentric follow-up ‘Dødsfest!’, once again recorded live in the band’s Oslo based rehearsal room, with no studio trickery whatsoever. The quintet are premiering a track from the new record, the charmingly titled ‘The Egg Thrower’, exclusively with Terrorizer, and it’s quite a song indeed! In less than two minutes, Beaten To Death manage to squeeze in some frantic grinding, a catchy, chugging chorus, a curiously soft break, and one of the most abrasive guitar tones you’ll have heard in years. Try and imagine The Locust performing an Origin medley and, well, you’ll still be nowhere near, to be honest. Here’s what bass player Mika Martinussen had to say about the new song:

“‘The Egg Thrower’ features vocals from both Anders and the two guitar players, a nice groove and a dry-as-bones guitar sound. It’s not necessarily a typical track for the new album – nor would it necessarily fit on the last album. Then again, the same could be said about most tracks on ‘Dødsfest!’, as it is a slightly more diverse album than ‘Xes And Strokes’. That said; the bands taste in music – be it extreme metal, indie pop or whatnot – should be as obvious as it was on the debut.”

Still confused? Well, you’ll just have to listen for yourself…

‘Dødsfest!’ is due to be released on October 4th through Mas-Kina Recordings, and if you opt for the 12″ LP you’ll also get the band’s first album, ‘Xes And Strokes’, on the B-side too. Result!

You can find Beaten To Death on Facebook and Bandcamp.

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