Avulsed Stream ‘Ritual Zombi’ With Terrorizer

By on 2 September 2013


‘Ritual Zombi’, the new album by Spanish death metal warriors Avulsed is released today through Xtreem Music, and Terrorizer has teamed up with the band to present you with a stream of the album in its entirety.

Avulsed, now on their sixth record, have become a tightly oiled killing machine, and if ‘Ritual Zombi’s fantastic titles don’t already give the game away (‘Horrified By Repulsion’ must be one of the most charmingly blatant tributes to Michigan’s death/grind grandaddies we’ve ever seen), this is big, dirty and gloriously brutal death metal through and through, including fist pumping anthems like the catchy ‘Z-Hunter’ and even a cover of Death’s classic ‘Zombie Ritual’. Check it out below…

‘Ritual Zombi’ is available to purchase direct from Xtreem Music here, on CD, LP or as part of the exclusive Zombie Pack, which contains the following goodies –


You can find Avulsed on Facebook.

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