Astrophobos Premiere New Song ‘Soul Disruptor’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

By on 11 December 2013


Swedish black metal trio Astrophobos have just unveiled a brand new song from their highly anticipated debut album, and you can take a sneaky listen to it right here, exclusively with Terrorizer.

All eyes were on Astrophobos after the band released their first EP back in 2010, the critically acclaimed ‘Arcane Secrets’, but things have been worryingly quiet since then. The news that the band were hard at work on their first full-length outing caused quite a stir within certain pockets of the black metal community, and now the first glimpse at the forthcoming opus, entitled ‘Remnants Of Forgotten Horrors’, has been revealed, in the form of the record’s opening track ‘Soul Disruptor’.

It seems Astrophobos have used the three years since that first EP well, honing their sound into an icy, razor sharp whirlwind that will have fans of Dissection and Naglfar grinning from ear to ear. Check it out below…

‘Remnants Of Forgotten Horrors’ is due to be released on January 24th 2014, via Triumvirate Records.

You can find Astrophobos on Facebook.

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