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By on 5 December 2016


There seem to be a lot of great bands coming out of Brighton at the moment, and Watchcries are no exception; formed of ex-members of Torpor, War Wolf, Dopefight and Teef, their caustic mixture of hardcore, sludge and grind is something special indeed. We’re streaming their debut EP in full, so head in here and see for yourself…

If you’re thinking this quartet sound remarkably tight for a new band, that may be because this is actually the fourth band guitarist Paul Hale and drummer Ant Cole have played in together, after Dopefight, War Wolf and Teef respectively. Whilst the pair undeniably have a chemistry and distinctive groove together, they’re not just rehashing former glories, with Watchcries’ abrasive sound differing significantly from the stoned fuzz of Dopefight or punkier territory of Teef, with former Torpor vocalist Nats Spada’s passionate, cathartic screams and bassist Steve Barry’s dense low-end clout all coming together to create something refreshingly unique and cripplingly heavy – it’s going to be fun to see where they go from here.

For now though, check out the self-titled EP in full below…

The ‘Watchcries’ EP is out now on Headless Guru

You can find Watchcries on Facebook

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