Stream Let It Die’s New LP ‘The Liar & The Saint’ In Full

By on 8 November 2016

Photo: Grace Johnston

Kettering’s fiercely independent grind/hardcore trio Let It Die finally release their long awaited debut full-length ‘The Liar & The Saint’ next week, but if that seems like an age away then you’re in luck, as we’re streaming it in full, right here, right now…

For the uninitiated, Kettering’s Let It Die are a three-piece in the classic Pig Destroyer sense, composed of just vocals, guitar and drums, sitting somewhere between the grinding intensity of Nails, the ferocious HM2 driven pulse of Trap Them and the collective sense of downtrodden misery and righteous, barbed anger that runs through English grindcore like sugary shit in a stick of rock. They put out a great demo in 2011, followed it up with an even better seven-inch in 2012 and a cripplingly heavy split with sludgy duo Monolithian in 2013, and have spent the years since knuckling down to record this monster of a debut album, in between blowing minds, perforating ear drums and breaking teeth every time they play live, of course.

Despite its title, the slow, creeping chords and cumbersome heft of opener ‘Release’ does a damn good job of building tension before the band unleash a volley of minute long blasts of anger like ‘One Hundred Days’, the astonishingly lethal ‘Punish’ (featuring a guest spot from Weekend Nachos‘ John Hoffman) and ‘Dysphoria’, which comes complete with lightspeed blastbeats and wild Slayer-esque solos courtesy of Employed To Serve‘s Sammy Urwin. Even on the first listen, it’s apparent that ‘The Liar And The Saint’ flows brilliantly and has clearly been sequenced with the two sides of a vinyl record in mind – amidst all the razor sharp speed, songs like ‘Oderint Dum Metuant’ and the catastrophically heavy closer ‘Heaven & The Eternity Of Tears (Part 2)’ drop the pace to bash overwhelmingly nasty riffs into your skull with frightening efficiency, bookending the brutality quite neatly. Tighter, meaner and heavier than their previous output, this is Let It Die’s crowning moment thus far.

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Smith, and features artwork courtesy of Atomçk‘s Luke Oram.

Check it out below…


‘The Liar & The Saint’ has been entirely self-released, and to celebrate, Let It Die will be playing an LP release show on Saturday, December 3rd at Nottingham’s Stuck On A Name Studios. Entry is just £5 and you have our guarantee that this show will be absolute carnage – we’ll see you there!

If you can’t make it but still want to pre-order the LP, you can get your hands on a copy here (along with some snazzy new T-shirt designs, too).

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