Staring through the eyes of an intern: Louis

By on 1 March 2013


Here at Terrorizer, we have been running a long-standing intern program for many years.  We figure it’s a hard business to break into, so we try to offer interns a chance to experience a little of the madness we call ‘publishing’…

“Day four of my internship at Terrorizer has nearly passed and I can safely say I haven’t been eaten yet.  At least I haven’t noticed any attempts…

In all seriousness though, I would like to stress that I’m having an amazing time. I was led to believe by some that I would be chained to the kettle making endless cups of tea and coffee. Luckily this magazine doesn’t require an Igor-type character, (just yet anyway) and my experience has been nothing short of amazing.

What makes this internship so different from others, is the level of trust bestowed upon me with the tasks I have been given. From transcribing interviews, fact checking articles, to even conducting interviews and reviewing a gig! I must admit although I love this degree of trust, at first it quite honestly made me shit myself. Initially when asked to perform these tasks I felt a wave of terror wash over me, but I know now that in the grand scheme of things it will better me as a writer. I just continue to pray to the gods of rock ‘n roll that I don’t make any mistakes, or who knows what will happen?  Maybe they will eat me!

It has also been very exciting to be behind the scenes of the magazine we all love so much. When I saw the rough cover design for the March issue it made me feel like a kid in a sweet shop – if that kid loved an awesome metal band and headbanging to them.  Something which also instilled this feeling was being able to exclusively listen to the new Darkthrone album (yeah that’s right!).

I shall now crawl out of the inner bowels of Terrorizer’s digestive system and head out into the cold for my first interview. Wish me luck!”

Words:  Louis Thurgood

(If you are interested in being a Terrorizer intern, contact



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