Soilwork talk lineup changes in Terrorizer 233

By on 21 February 2013


The shock departure of chief songwriter Peter Wichers may have left melodeath fanatics fearing the worst, but with game-changing new full-length ‘The Living Infinite’, SOILWORK are set to prove their creative powers are now nothing short of limitless.

Words: Faye Coulman

“I think everything is just reaching a peak now where something’s going to happen, seriously,” enthuses Soilwork frontman Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid on a snow-laden winter’s day that finds the melodic deathsters tantalisingly close to unveiling ninth studio smash ‘The Living Infinite’.

With this trailblazing progress having been triggered by a major line-up reshuffle that would have left lesser artists reeling, guitarist Peter Wichers’ second departure from Soilwork last summer only sharpened the band’s already steely determination and resolve.

“We could see it happening,” Bjorn reflects, before hastening to add, “I’m not saying that the recording of ‘The Panic Broadcast’ had a bad vibe in any way, but we noticed pretty quickly since we got on tour that he was feeling stressed and even depressed about being away from his family. And it started to affect the whole band with negative energy and we knew that it was not going to work in the long run. So we could see it slowly turning into a scenario where Peter had to leave the band again, and as soon as he did people were like, ‘Oh, it’s just going to be another ‘Sworn To A Great Divide’.’ So we really wanted to prove to those people and also to ourselves that we had a lot of other amazing songwriters in the band.”



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