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By on 22 May 2013

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Terrorizer Presents The Devil’s Music… the definitive story of the influence of the dark side on music.

You can get a copy of this special collector’s edition magazine now or get it as a digital copy right here.

Musicians making pacts with The Devil – it’s happened throughout time. We flip through the history books to investigate just how much the horned one has enjoyed dabbling in the creative arts. From doom’s devilish darkside, via NWOBHM’s dark dealings, to the latest wave of bands swearing themselves to the dark – The Devil’s Music is the ultimate look at the culture of dark, satanic and ritualistic music.

Inside you’ll find the definitive story of the Devil’s Music, as well as brand new and exclusive interviews with Coven, King Diamond, Hell, Jaz Coleman, Satan and more. Plus, Winterfylleth’s Simon Lucas explores the (un)healthy relationship between heavy metal and horror movies and Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth recounts tales of the second generation of black metal.

Editor Darren Sadler says: “Growing up in an age when life was black and white (it wasn’t really, but a laptop and the Internet were nothing but the unrealised dreams of nerdy young geeks), I remember the younger me gazing at the mysterious covers of albums such as Bathory’s ‘Under The Sign Of The Black Mark’ with awe, wonderment and a sense of worry, too.

While the music blasted out of the midi-system, my buddy Martin and I sat intrigued, wondering who and what was making this unholy racket that we’d just purchased at our local record store. Was Quorthon really the Devil incarnate? Would listening to Venom mean the Devil would land in the room and take us to Hell? And was King Diamond really a Satanist out to recruit us to the Dark Side? We were never too sure.

Even listening to Maiden’s ‘Number Of The Beast’ earned us a sure fire one-way ticket to Hell in my mother’s eyes.I could blame Rainbow Records and Durant Records of Shrewsbury (both now sadly deceased – R. I. P.) for providing me with the ammunition that helped my musical journey down the Left Hand Path, or maybe the Devil subconsciously enticed me to check out his tunes. Who knows? And while those youthful days didn’t last forever, those bands, those tunes and many more like them, have had a profound effect on not just my life, but millions more around the globe – and continue to do so even today.

Compiled in conjunction with the Dark One himself, whatever your leanings and beliefs, I trust you’ll enjoy this beast of magazine and let the Devil inside you come out and play!”

You can get a copy of this special collector’s edition magazine now or get it as a digital copy right here.

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