Terrorizer 242 Is Out Now: Paradise Lost Team Up With Lacuna Coil

By on 28 October 2013

#242_Paradise_Lost_Cover_+_Adverts 1In this month’s stocked to the gills new Terrorizer, we mark 25 years of a British metal institution. We explore life, death and getting stuck in the middle of Germany in your underwear in winter when your tour bus catches fire with PARADISE LOST and LACUNA COIL. Cristina Scabbia and Nick Holmes explain the different ways they create, and their very different relationships with darkness.

SEPULTURA also discuss the passage of time, but with a far more aggressive soundtrack. You can also find out what connects them with SAHG – who discuss their trip into prog land, and why metal’s getting a lot more interesting – and also with the latest Cult Of Luna record. Hear also how MONSTER MAGNET have gone off into psychedelic territory, and whether new album ‘Last Patrol’ marks the end for Dave Wyndorf and co…

We get behind the story that took DIMMU BORGIR’S music to Hollywood, find out what keeps the fire burning bright within KATAKLYSM, introduce BRUTAL TRUTH to the grind inquisitor, and then find out what goes on in the minds of INQUISITION themselves as they become the hottest name in black metal.

SKELETONWITCH explain why consistency is a massively underrated virtue for bands, and why they’ll never land us with a ‘Cold Lake’ moment, ONSLAUGHT explain why they’re flattered by being told they will corrupt your life, and we get drawn into the confusing, frightening world of CORRECTIONS HOUSE, the new supergroup featuring Mike Williams from Eyehategod and Scott Kelly from Neurosis.

We get a frosty, necro Mixtape from Matt Heafy of TRIVIUM, find out what KEEP OF KALESSIN’S new album will sound like, learn about World War II generals with HAIL OF BULLETS, profile ROADBURN FESTIVAL, report on the LONDON TATTOO CONVENTION and hear how Joel Grind from TOXIC HOLOCAUST is like, er, Frank Sinatra…

And if that’s still not enough, Halloween’s Terrorizer also includes:

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Issue 242′s Editorial and Contents

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