This is your last chance to get Every Time I Die’s face-melting new album EX LIVES for FREE!

By on 22 March 2012

Reviewing Every Time I Die’s EX LIVES in Terrorizer #221, Benj Golanski was positively knocked out by the “exhilarating smashing together of ferocious nihilism” and “joyous procession of bloodsports, alcoholism and ‘party'” (4/5). And now, with an annual subscription to terrorizer, you can get your hands on this new album NOW and ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Subscribe to Terrorizer today and get:

  • 13 issues for the price of ten!;
  • The new EVERY TIME I DIE album EX LIVES; and
  • Get your mag sent straight to your door before it hits the shops.

What more can you possibly wish for?

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