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Terrorizer #211 is here, and it’s one dark motherfucker. In our special cover feature, we chat to SLIPKNOT‘s Joey Jordison about the death of his bandmate and best friend Paul Gray, how black metal has played a huge part in his personal recovery from that period in his life and what the future holds for one of metal’s biggest bands.

Also in #211, our special BIG 4 FACE-OFF sees Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax pitted against each other ahead of their history-making Sonisphere show. We ask some die-hard fans who’ll come out top on the day – including Watain’s Erik Danielsson and comedy legend Bill Bailey!

We also chat to undisputed genius DEVIN TOWNSEND as he looks ahead to middle-age and reflects on the completion of his epic, genre-spinning Devin Townsend Project,  and melodeath godfathers IN FLAMES explain why they continue to do things their way, why they’ll never take their critics seriously and why in the blue hell they collaborated with an arena-filling drum ‘n’ bass act.

After releasing what is proving to be SEPULTURA‘s strongest material in years with the back-to-basics ‘Kairos’, frontman Derrick Green reveals why it has taken him 14 years and six albums to finally allow himself to open up, and why he’ll still always be “That guy at the door”.

The ever-controversial Niklas Kvarforth exposes the heroin addiction that blighted – and even inspired – SHINING‘s latest opus, as well as ticking off all the usual extreme metal talking points – cannibalism, torture, you know the score. JESU mainman and Godflesh mastermind Justin K Broadrick explains why his thirst for life is as healthy as ever, while TOMBS reflect on their monster of a new album and frontman Mike Hill’s obsession with death and all things dying.

Hazy deathsters CANNABIS CORPSE refuse to accept the label of “novelty act” as they celebrate the release of their third studio album in typically smokin’ style, while Massachusetts mob CAVE IN outline their war of a career and KARMA TO BURN reaffirm that 3 is definitely the magic number.

Plus, AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED dominate Mixtape Mayhem with some tasty grind cuts, rising British metallers MALEFICE get their dubstep on in Hard Of Hearing, the one and only Dave Mustaine looks back on classic MEGADETH opus ‘Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?’, and we finally give you our verdict on that bloody MORBID ANGEL album. Massive miss-step? Brave new world? Bit of both? Come find out what we thought.

Still want more? DOMINION #11 embraces the darkside with goth and industrial heavyweights The Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim, Combichrist and Mortiis! Plus, those who grab their copy at WHSMith’s will have the chance to win tickets to this year’s BLOODSTOCK festival!

Terrorizer #211. Come get some.


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