Oxx Release Video for Track ‘Dweller On The Threshold’

By on 26 April 2017

Oxx have released a video for the track ‘Dweller On The Threshold’ taken from the band’s new album ‘Night And The City’ which the band self-released on 19 April. You can support Oxx by visiting their Bandcamp page.

‘Night And The City’ is the band’s first record since 2015’s ‘Bury The Ones We Love And Burn The Rest’.

Oxx are:

Alexander Bossen: Vocals and Guitars
Lasse Enoe: Vocals, Korg MS20, Reeds
Martin Aagaard: Drums, Programming
Producer: Klaus “Q” Hedegaard

Video directed, cut and colourgraded by Per Silkjær
Klaus “Q” Hedegaard, having mixed for Entombed among others.

Speaking about the track, the band stated:

“‘Dweller On The Threshold’ was the first song written for the record, and in many ways, it set the tone for the rest of it. Mixing crushing sludge riffing, mathy spazz-outs and an extended emotionally cathartic post-metal coda, the track showcases our heterogenous approach to mixing and bending disparate genres of metal within a single track. The notion of a ‘Dweller On The Threshold’, have been used vividly in popular culture by Van Morrison and in ‘Twin Peaks’, among many others. While the lyrical take on the trope is largely metaphorical, and concerns itself with the ever looming terror of crushing depression, the video shows a more literal take on the concept; it’s a straight up homage to some of our favourite slasher-flicks, namely ‘The Hitcher’. Teaming up with Per Silkjær (of Fossils fame), had been a wish of ours for a long time, and the video, which is his vision first and foremost, makes our horror-happy-hearts throb with joy.”


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