One Machine Release Video for ‘New Motive Power’

By on 29 September 2016

One Machine have released a lyric video for the track ‘New Motive Power’ taken from the band’s album ‘The Final Cull’ which was released September 18 on Scarlet Records. You can buy ‘The Final Cull’ and One Machine merch here.

‘The Final Cull’ is One Machine’s latest album and marks a new beginning of sorts. Singer Chris Hawkins was brought into the band in 2014 to fill in for departing Mikkel Sandager, and subsequently was asked to stay on permanently, ending up co-writing a handful of the songs from the album with founder/leader Steve Smyth, including this latest single release, ‘New Motive Power’.

One Machine is:

Steve Smyth (guitars, backing vocals)
Chris Hawkins (vocals)
Jamie Hunt (guitars, backing vocals)
Stefano Selvatico (bass guitar)
Matt Cherry (live drums).

The album was recorded live at Death Island Studios in Nykobing, Denmark, in February 2015, a bit of a change for the band as well, as Smyth states:

“it put great creative pressure on all of us to come up with the most solid performances we could, and to not overthink what was happening either. You had to react quickly and get the groove of the song, and contribution from everyone was made that much easier in the process.”

New Motive Power was written by Steve Smyth and Chris Hawkins, with arrangement and fleshing out of the song happening live in the studio with the rest of the band, including Jamie Hunt and Stefano Selvatico.

Speaking about the track, Smyth continued:

“‘New Motive Power’ is a reflection on our insatiable thirst for progress and the reduction of people to mere cogs in a much larger machine. This psychotic obsession with being better, faster stronger is fuelled by the sacrifice of human life, figuratively and literally, and is best represented in modern times with our ravenous consumption and production of technology. Ultimately, following this path blindly  leads to our destruction or self-engineered obsolescence. Leading the way, we have those who benefit from this this most, and have the most to lose from it’s failure. This song is written from the perspective of one of these authority figures, with a brief interjection from ‘The Workers’, but you can substitute the character with politicians, your boss, or perhaps the darker parts of your own pysche”.



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