Vader frontman on touring with Gorgoroth, studio-only projects and the UK

By on 23 September 2011

We spoke to Vader main man Piotr ‘Peter’ Wiwczarek ahead of their Terrorizer-sponsored co-headlining ‘Under The Sign Of Hell’ tour with Gorgoroth, and he gives us some interesting talking points – such as whether or not a studio-only project is really metal, and the current state of metal in the UK.

What you can expect from Vader on this tour?

“We’re gonna focus on our new album of course! All maniacs may expect 6 or 7 songs from [new album] ‘Welcome To The Morbid Reich’. We are co-headlining the tour, so we will play for about 60-70 minutes for sure. We also refreshed the whole set. A few songs from early days will be added as well. Besides there will be nice mix of Vader classics and…more. There will be covers as well. Playing classics has become a tradition for Vader and we won’t change it on the upcoming tour either.”

You seem never to stop touring, you seem to play London about once every four months let alone anywhere else! What keeps you going? Do you ever stop?

“Why should we stop? Metal IS stage and live shows, and so is Vader! I can’t even imagine a metal band existing on records only. If there is such a weirdo existing – it is NOT metal. Vader tours a lot since we were unleashed in the West in 1993. We play 100-150 shows every year since then. Touring forced me to take a decision about rest of my life. I became a professional musician and now I focus on music and the band 100%. Touring is still the meaning of our group and nothing is gonna change it in the future either.
“London? I don’t think, that we play in the city so often. However the truth is that every next performence brings more and more Polish speaking people, and a trip to England is not ‘an expedition’ anymore.”

What’s your favourite thing about touring the UK? Anything that you see here when you don’t tour anywhere else, either in terms of the audiences or what you see when you’re in the country?

“I can’t wait to enjoy an English breakfest! I like this way of starting a day on the Islands. I love also your sense of humor too. Once a local promotor “forgot about the show” and he was not afraid to say that to us while still laughing. Another once expected us to play “a show” on a stage that was smaller than my shitroom. But seriously, I’m asking myself pretty offten, what’s up with that land, where all hard rock/metal was born? It is definitely not the same UK that I remember when I was teenage metal beginner.”

Do you think the fact Vader and Gorgoroth come from different areas of extreme metal will expose you to a crowd you might not normally play to?

“It’s good idea to mix metal genres. All in all we have the same roots, haven’t we? Metal heads need and expect real metal and powerfull energy from stage! Honestly, we expect the same.”

You’ve played festivals and played at tiny pubs – which size of venue do you prefer? Is the set you play different depending on the size of the audience?

“Sometimes we have to change set list because of lack of time. Believe me, it is not easy to show the band if you have 30 or 40 minutes to play with so many songs we’ve created in all these years. Size doesn’t matter here. However I feel better in smaller clubs, where we are able to perform the whole set and to be closer to the maniacs.”

Are you tempted to wear corpsepaint for a show instead of Gorgoroth?

“Hehehehe…not necessary! Our damned faces are corpse white enough,I think.”

‘Welcome To The Morbid Reich’. Vader and Gorgoroth will play the following shows on their UK and Ireland leg of their tour:

November 9 – Manchester, Moho Live
November 10 – Liverpool, The Masque
November 11 – Belfast, Spring & Airbrake
November 12 – Dublin, Button Factory
November 13 – Glasgow, Classic Grand
November 14 – London, The Underworld
November 15 – Bristol, The Fleece
November 16 – Plymouth, White Rabbit

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