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Check out this review of the Twisted Mass EP launch, written by Jonathan Keane.

In the last few months, it seems like there’s an EP or album launch show every other week in Dublin. This, the latest, sees crust band Twisted Mass launch their self-titled EP, featuring members of Abaddon Incarnate, Refraction, On Pain of Death, Divisions Ruin and Droppin’ Bombs.

First though is ZOM, who are only playing their second gig, after their first show last month, under the name Fortress. The three-piece play an excitable brand of quite dark, and oppressive, death metal, with plenty of hints to Autopsy in the din. However, it’s far too early to be losing the run of ourselves until some more shows and recorded material emerges. 

Vagrants, meanwhile, can only be described as a pleasant surprise. Having released a demo, not too long ago that was reasonably solid, in a live setting they’re a completely different beast. Their hardcore, with a tinge of Ceremony and even some This Is Hell, is characterised by quite short bursts of cruel aggression.

On something of a similar vibe, Crows are simply chaotic and on top form, executing, with unruly vehemence, their bilious and nihilistic hardcore, with cuts from their Severance demo, all topped off with some salvos of what to expect from their split record with Drainland, forthcoming.

Mongolia are placed at the other end of the spectrum then, with extended heaving stoner instrumental passages, often at a mere snail’s pace only to detonate with angular riffs. For only a three-piece the vastness of their sound is impressive.

Four bands down, it’s time for Twisted Mass; they begin with a questionable opener in Weeping City though. It’s the last track on the EP and serves as a very climactic barrage, so it would seem more appropriate as a set closer.

Regardless of the song they chose it would be ferocious; such is their output – each moment is nothing less than feral and scathing. However, there are one or two moments where the sound feels a tad muddled but it quickly cleans up and no ferocity is lost whatsoever, Behind The Veil, which is red-eyed, furious crust at its finest, with a lead riff that simply pummels.

In fact, pummel is by far the most apt word that could be used to describe the whole set. The band has been gigging almost relentlessly since their first show last November and it’s rather evident as their assault is well-honed, as well as barbarous, from start to finish.


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