Tony Iommi on Black Sabbath reunion: “We’ve had a rehearsal and to be together again was great. It could happen!”

By on 21 October 2011

Tony Iommi has spoken about a potential original line-up Black Sabbath reunion, and dropped some rather strong hints that the smoke of speculation may have some fire of truth behind. And that he’s working on doing an album with Ian Gillan.

With the rumour mill about a Sabbath reunion collapsing under the weight of excited speculation caused by a local news journalist, Tony reveals to Terrorizer:

“We’ve had a rehearsal and played some of the old stuff and to be together again was great. We’re all on good terms and we’re at a stage where we can play together again. It would be good if we could and I suppose it’s the closest it’s been to be able to do that. It could happen!”

Looks like those reunion rumours are going nowhere just yet.

That’s not all though, as it seems he plans to work with Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan, himself briefly the frontman of Sabbath.

“There are a few things floating around at the moment that are really interesting with a few big names. And I’ve also been talking to Ian Gillan about doing an album at some point. I can’t stop writing stuff; I’ve got hundreds of ideas.”

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