By on 2 December 2010

What’s heavier than a dinosaur orgy and cooler than today’s frosty commute? It’s the new Terrorizer, featuring none other than mighty Dorset doomsters Electric fucking Wizard!

Wizard mainman Jus Oborn gives us the lowdown on the quartet’s immense return to form in ‘Black Masses’, the incidents which almost led to the band breaking up for good and why metal needs a swift kick up in the ass in 2010.

Also in this month’s issue, we hang out with Triptykon genius Tom G/ Warrior, Seventh Void discuss life afte Pete Steele and Napalm Death talk us through their appearance on ‘Skins’. Yes, you heard right. Of course, as ever, we have a delightful haul of Choice Cuts, album reviews and live fun and games, making this the only metal magazine you’ll need to get you through this gnarly cold snap.

Terrorizer #204 is on sale now from all trve newsagents and online.


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